Coexisting With Mental Health

As you all know, I'm quite an open book when it comes to my life and my struggles with mental health. When I first started this blog I had such grand aspirations. Whether I ever achieve any of my goals does not matter that much to me. It means a lot that some of you guys return week in and week out to read what it is I have to say.

I have tried to make it a goal of mine to post a new blog each week. Besides struggling to find things to talk about since I like to speak from first-hand experience rather than just an educational standpoint. I often get reminded that I still struggle. Quite often I feel 'meh' or 'down'. It's become important to myself to not force this blog posts out. I want to write when I have something to say that way I can produce content I'm happy with and that does not feel forced.

I don't make anything from blogging and at times it is stressful beyond imagination. That being said getting comments and reaching people is an awesome feeling and helps to know that our struggles are not alone even when they may feel that way.

All of that being said, it made me think about coexisting. Learning to live alongside mental health. That's not to say we should just accept the way things are and not try to better ourselves but rather accept our situation for what it is in our current state.


Just like our physical health, our mental health needs maintenance. Even if you don't struggle with anxiety or depression etc; it's important to take care of ourselves. Depending on the severity of our situation some have to put more effort in than others. I try each and every day to better myself and still often find myself unable to sleep pondering away.

How does one coexist?

Technically we all coexist to everyone and everything at all times. Although I'm focused on learning to live alongside. The best way for me personally is acceptance. I've spoken about it before and I'll say it again, whether you are angry or sad learning to accept the way things are is the best for step to coexist. I use to drive myself crazy asking myself hundreds of questions.

  • Why Me?

  • What did I do to deserve this?

  • When will it end?

  • How do I go on?

We don't always have the answers. We will spiral out of control if we don't learn to accept. Again I'm not saying accepting and giving up. I'm talking acknowledging that there is a problem and going from there.

Here are a few other things we can do to learn to live with the cards we've been dealt.

  • Be honest with ourselves

  • Talk about it

  • Write about it

  • Don't hide from the truth


As with just about every article I post, it's never easy. I've been living with depression for nearly 15 years and I still often find myself up at 4 am questioning why grass is green. Why things are the way they are. Feels like I can't win.

I do however have days where I'm able to take things for what they are, accept it, and hope tomorrow will be better. That's a little win and a great step to coexisting.

"It's coexistence or no existence." "Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by - Bertrand Russell understanding."

- Albert Einstein

I've created a Patreon for anyone who wants to help and support this journey I'm on. This isn’t about money nor will it ever be. I plan to blog as long as I have thoughts running through my head and stories to tell, but I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t help me in my situation. All support is appreciated but not mandatory. It's very awkward 'asking' for money especially when I don’t want it to come across like that is my intention.

If you've read all of that and still choose to support me, I will forever appreciate it